Le Bal Masqué 2010
Friday, 27th August 2010

Le Petit Festival is a little train careless of time and distance,
stubbornly waiting on each station for a new and pleasant mystery and surprise to embark...

Le Bal Masqué walking exhibition in the streets of Dubrovnik and Le Bal Masqué after-party start at Theatre Marin Držić.
We go around the city and after to a party at East-West Beach club!

Who is welcome: Everyone!

Walking exhibition: 22.00 - 23.00
Starts in front of Theatre Marin Držić

After Party: 23.00 - early morning
East West Beach Club
Frana Supila bb, Old Town, Dubrovnik
Dress code: Pirates and Princesses of Dubrovnik, a Royalty Party so get dressed!
Entertainment: Band Bossa Nova with Ines Trickovic performing jazz, swing, blues followed by DJ Dina, lets dance!
Entrance: Tickets are for sale at the door of East West Club, HRK 50,-
Dear Friends,

If you already haven’t made any plans for the end of August and still looking to go away, there is not better place to be than Dubrovnik, Croatia. From 27th August till 3rd September 2010 this medieval town is a host to artists across the world as well as all arts and theatre lovers. Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is in its 6th year and it is on its way to became to the art world what Woodstock was to music.

Le Petit Festival is a unique festival of its kind as it accommodates variety of arts that usually wouldn’t have a platform but they all have one thing in common; they all are incredibly and genuinely talented and unique. And what a better place to gather all this global talent than Dubrovnik, city that itself is a big theatre and that has tradition of serving arts as old as city itself.

Le Petit Festival has grown organically and it has become hit with artists and yet our wish is to promote this incredible and unique place to all arts and theatre lovers. Next year we are planning to expand LPF foundation which main aim would be to support and finance artists and enable them to attend festival.

We plan to invite artists of all kind all over the world and with the panel of other renowned artist choose the best to attend and exhibit here in Dubrovnik. There also will be cash price for the most popular art/performance chosen by the public. Lets say our aim is to become for art industry what Cannes is for the film industry.

We all are working hard to make this all possible and would really appreciate if you all could help. First if you are able to attend this year festival it would make us very happy otherwise help us promote this unique festival amongst your friends whether they would like to participate with their art or come to enjoy in joy the vivre.

Please find enclosed the invite to our special night and that is Le Bal Masqué, which is on Friday, 27th August. The streets of Dubrovnik become walking exhibition with Masks specially designed for festival by various designers, famous people from public life, in addition to 500 masks with souvenir logo of this year festival.
  Le Bal Masqué Award
Competition for Best Designed Mask

There will be a public competition for the best designed mask. The winner will receive Le Bal Masqué Award which will be presented by USA designer Matthew S. Brill. You are welcome to design and show your own mask at the walking exhibition and after party!

This year’s Board of Judges is headed by legendary Finnish actress Heidi Krohn. She will give an award for the most beautiful and most creative mask. Auction of the five most intriguing masks follows. Proceeds will go to the Two Steps Association (“Dva Skalina”) that cares for Dubrovnik children suffering from severe disabilities.

After Party
Program East West Club

Around Midnight at East West Club...
Le Petit Festival presents "Cream de la Cream"...

Ines Tričković (vocal); Maro Miladin(accordion); Goran Rukavina(double bass); Robert Polgar( saxophone, flute); Kolja Gjoni (percussion); Alan Polzer(drums); guest Toni Butigan (piano).

The fun gets more intense. Be mesmerized by Ines Trickovic’s concert “La tour rouge” inspired by one of the most enigmatic paintings of Giorgio de Chirico “La Grande Tour”. There will be a performance with two parts.

Part one - which everyone will be able to feel and hear, and Part two...
The individual touch with metaphysical allure of this unusual symbiosis... her voice and her silence... full of tango, jazz, swing, bossanova and gypsy music...

Join Le Petit Festival!
Join the walking exhibition and come with us to East West Club!
We wish to see you there.