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The desire of Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is to unify Nations, Cultures and Religions through the Arts… Le Petit Festival du Théâtre will show this year the creations of artists from Croatia, Holland, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, France, USA, SLovenia, Finland and Sweden.
Le Petit Festival du Théâtre not only aims, but succeeds in being a unique and outstanding happening that introduces modern, current, updated poetics and aesthetics in different kind of arts and craft, before an international audience, always and whenever possible in the presence and with the participation of the artists, writers, designers…
We invite you to join us this year
from 27 Aug-Sept 3 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In 2010 le Petit Festival du Théâtre has became independent - it has officially been registered as non-profit organisation "Le Petit Festival du Théâtre". The members of this 'united arts' festival want to escape from the traditional way of thinking about the arts and cultural manifestations.
Uniting people through Art... will be the new aim of the artists of Le Petit
Festival du Théâtre 2010!
Le Petit Festival du Théâtre desires to give you the moments of this beauty which Dubrovnik has. Dubrovnik is a piece of art by itself, i.e. the classical, historic environment that tends to open up to everything modern. Proclaimed by the National Geographic, by CNN and the likes the most attractive destination in the world, its rapidly increasing tourist industry and the accompanying services require and impose the need of something more up-to-date: Dubrovnik’s art is largely laid upon the classical forms, especially in music, therefore Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is right there, in the middle of the city, which is a history of art by itself.
Although it is not exactly and not only a festival of theatre productions, its first theatre seasons between 2005 and 2009 were enabled by the management of the City Theatre, the venue of majority of our events. The City Theatre is a public non-profit institution, its building was completed in 1862 – the classicist velvet-upholstered and gold-gilt theatre makes a perfect setting for anything beautiful. The City Theatre is a voucher for professional organisation of every event.
Vive l'Amour!
Vinko Prizmic (Founder)