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Heidi Krohn
  Heidi Silja Krohn

I was born in Helsinki in 1934 and since the year 1954 I have been working as an actor both in theatres and films, and most recently in tv plays. I have acted in a large number of plays, almost 200 altogether.
For 45 years I had a regular job in a theatre. I worked 30 years in the Helsinki City Theatre both in classical dramas and in comedies. Now I have retired. I have three children and six grandchildren. One year ago I became a "mumma" - a great grandmother - when my daugther's daugther gave birth to a baby girl...

School: 8 years
Finnish Theatre School: 1954-55
Theatre ”55” 1955-57
Theatre Tampere Pikku theatre 1959-61
Helsinki Folk Theatre- Workers Theatre 1961- 1965
Helsinki Municipal Theatre 1965-1972
Turku Municipal Theatre 1972-1977
Helsinki Municipal Theatre 1977.-1995
Theatre Open Doors 1998.- 2003
178 roles alltogether.
Also 102 Radio performings
TV and Film work: from 1954 – 2010
performed in 55 roles.

Several grants and bursaries since 1965
State of Finland artists' pension 1996
Honorary member of Finnish Actors' Associaton

About the autor of the poem I will perform

Larin Paraske (1833-1904) was a central figure in Finnish folk poetry. The immense number of verses she could recite (over 32,000) made her one of the irreplaceable sources of Karelian culture. In fact, she is the single most important source of folk poetry in Finland. Paraske's poems include proverbs, lamentations and riddles. Her Finnish contemporaries (scientists and artists) drew enormous inspiration from her.

In this statue she looks like a man, but she was married and had lot of children. And her poems tells about her own life and womens life in Karelia how hard it was...

Larin ParaskeIn the poems I will perform ” she tells and wishes and good things for the whole house full of people ”. and she tells that she doesn't worry for anything, she eats well and danses and sings. Also she is talking with other old women how happy she is to meet them again.

Larin Paraske lived in Karelia. Finnish Karelia was a historical province of Finland, now divided between Finland and Russia, often called just Karjala in Finnish. The eastern part of this chiefly Lutheran area was ceded to Russia after the Winter War of 1939-40. This area is the "Karelia" of the Karelian question in Finnish politics.