Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia
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The ticket price for each show is HRK 50,- (around EUR 7,-).
Contact us to make ticket reservations online or buy them an hour before the shows at the door of Lazareti
June 15
Time Venue Program
20:00 Museum Marin Drzic Jewelry exhibition of Japanese artist Ikuo Ichimori
Photo exhibition of Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto
June 19
Time Venue Program
20:00 Lazareti Interactive exhibition, Video, Photo and Dance performance /
Empiric movement Dance group (Slovenia)
21:00 Lazareti Tea Ceremony / Ikebana and Yumiko Safa
Namiko Gahier Ogawa presenting several surprises dedicated to our guest of honor Japan
    Blazenka Roth will present 7 unusual creations through the fashion performance of Yohji Yamamoto. Choreography will be done by French/Japanese dancer and choreographer Namiko Gahier Ogawa.
21:30 Lazareti This is my Dream - Movie by Yohji Yamamoto
Notoriously private Japanese fashion design icon Yohji Yamamoto lets his guard down in an exclusive, intimate short documentary film about life and the creative process, from Tokyo to New York.
June 20
Time Venue Program
    Butoh Dance Research Workshop - by Gyohei Zaitsu
21:00 Lazareti Avant-garde concert "Intergalaktic flow to Japan"
BÉLAMŰHELY - Artists from Budapest (Hungary)

Musical pieces from the performance: Rashomon (based on Ryūnosuke Akutagawa Japanese writer's novel Rashomon)
Part 2 - Central European Knight Rider (concert)
June 21
Time Venue Program
    Butoh Dance Research Workshop - by Gyohei Zaitsu
21:00 Lazareti World Premiere Concert composed and dedicated to Japan
by Matej Mestrovic - Composer and pianist (Croatia) & Light artists Gordana and Zorislav Shoyat (Croatia)
June 22
Time Venue Program
21:00 Lazareti Circo Poeira, "Dust Circus" – Sao Paolo (Brasil)
"A tribute to the old circus"

During the 50-minute presentation the public is invited to travel to the intimate and nostalgic universe of the "Old Master". The play guarantees entertainment to thrill all ages.
June 23
Time Venue Program
21:00 Lazareti Performances Butoh Dance

''Eternal Season''

Maki Watanabe
25 min.

''The baby is born,
It's wonderful, terrible, and wonderful.''

''A No-Name-flower''

Gyohei Zaitsu (dance)
with Taca (accordion)
45 min.

"The dance for a thousand of seeds of no-name-flowers in my soul,
They are wriggling and dreaming to be born as a flower.
I will give anything to make their wishes fulfilled."

This piece of improvisation was born in 2002 from the encounter between butoh dancer Gyohei Zaitsu and accordionist Taca. This piece was shown in UNESCO (Paris), Jazz Festival (Madagascar), Festival Danse Butô (Paris), Plan-B (Tokyo), etc.
22:30 Lazareti Cabaret performance / Albert Kessler (Austria) & Danielle Moser Kessler from Raluca Lona (Romania)

World Premiere - The secret of one romantic Geisha
June 24
Time Venue Program
21:00 Lazareti Theatre pantomime and special performances
Le Théâtre des Silences, "The Bird”, from Paris (France)

The "genre" is: mime, clown and music performance
Duration is about 1h15
Here is the plot:

"The Bird is a mime show for all audiences, which tells the incredible encounter between an old tramp and a freaky young cormorant, somewhere on the riverside of Brittany: love, dream, music, and a good lesson of marine biology...

When Marcel Marceau's poetry meets clown craziness..."

June 25
Time Venue Program
21:00 Lazareti Requiem for Mozart Concert
by Piotr Rachoni, Mateusz Rybicki, Michał Litwiniec Wroclav (Poland)
June 26
Time Venue Program
20:00 Veli Zali, Brsecine
17 km north of Dubrovnik
Night of Japan!
Many different events dedicated to the guest of honor of Le Petit Festival 2012, Japan.
  Post Scriptum:
Artists of Le Petit Festival will perform several humanistic concerts and plays; at the children's hospital of Dubrovnik, at the home for older people, "Domus Christ", at Two Steps Association (“Dva Skalina”) that cares for Dubrovnik children suffering from severe disabilities...
  Butoh Dance Research Workshop - by Gyohei Zaitsu:
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