Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2010
Ines Trickovic
Photo © Maroje Sardelic
  Little Miss Flower alias Ines Trickovic

In music and in life I am getting inspiration communicating with flowers... that's why
some call me Little Miss Flower. I am sure that in some of my former lives, I was a little daisy flower which troubadours used to carry along their journeys...

Some of their experiences still tremble in my heart in exotic rhythms.
Just follow the beat and you'll remember.

Come to my dream and take a ride...
bossanova, jazz, blues, swing...

Dubrovnik 2010

Ines Tričković (vocal); Maro Miladin(accordion); Goran Rukavina(double bass); Robert Polgar( saxophone, flute); Kolja Gjoni (percussion); Alan Polzer(drums); guest Toni Butigan (piano).

The fun gets more intense. Be mesmerized by Ines Trickovic’s concert “La tour rouge” inspired by one of the most enigmatic paintings of Giorgio de Chirico “La Grande Tour”. There will be a performance with two parts.

[Part one - which everyone will be able to feel and hear, and Part two...
The individual touch with metaphysical allure of this unusual symbiosis... her voice and her silence... full of tango, jazz, swing, bossanova and gypsy music...]

Ines Trickovic
Jazz singer from Croatia