Marin Držić

Marin Držić or Marino Darsa (1508-1567) is considered the finest Croatian Renaissance playwright and prose writer.

Born into well to do numerous family (with 6 sisters and 5 brothers) in Dubrovnik, Držić was trained and ordained as a priest — a calling very unsuitable for his Rabel temperament. After being ordained in 1526, Držić was sent in 1538 to Siena in Tuscany to study the Church Canon Law, where he didn't excel in studying, but, thanks to his extravert and warm personality, captured the hearts of his fellow students and professors. By them he was elected to the position of Rector of the University. Having lost interest in studies, Marin returned to the Dubrovnik Republic in 1543.

Držić's works cover many fields: lyric poetry, pastorals, political letters and pamphlets, and comedies. While his pastorals ("Grizula," Tirena; Venera i Adonis/Venus and Adonis) are still highly regarded as masterful examples of the genre, the pastoral has, as artistic form, virtually vanished from the scene.

However, his comedies are among the best in the Renaissance European literature. Similarly to other great comedy writers like Lope de Vega, Ben Jonson or Molière, Držić's comedies are rammed with exuberant life and vitality, celebrating love, liberty and sincerity and mocking avarice, egoism and petty tyrants — both in family and in state.

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