Poster by Nora Mojaš
Join us,

Le Bal Masqué 2009
Sunday, 30th August 2009

Walking exhibition 22.00 -23.00

Le Bal Masqué walking exhibition in the streets of Dubrovnik and Le Bal Masqué after-party starts at Theatre Marin Držić and goes to East-West Beach club.

200 Masks
Various artists from different countries will design specially for Le Petit Festival du Théâtre... a shadow of our second ego...

If you are not lucky to get hold of one of those, create your own and become an exhibit ... and join others in going around at night in the little streets of this amazing medieval city of Dubrovnik... thus forming the unique walking exhibition...

This year president of jury is Matthew Brill. He will give an award for the most beautiful and the most creative mask...Perhaps it is your chance to join artistic elite ….or failing to do that you can simply purchase one of 500 souvenir masks with specialy designed logo of this year’s festival.

After Party 23.00h - early morning

Place: East West Club
Frana Supila bb, Old Town, Dubrovnik
Dress code: Masked, very elegant, sensual, romantic, poetic, medieval, ferry tale, candle light
Entertainment: Band Bossa Nova with Ines Trickovic performing jazz, swing, blues followed by popular young DJ Dina.
Entrance: Free with Masks purchased from LPF, all others can purchase ticket at the door subject to availability.

Either way, we hope to see you there!
Dear Friends,

At the end of August there is no better place to be than the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. From 27th August till 2nd September this medieval fortress is host to artists across the world, as well as arts and theatre enthusiasts. Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is in its fifth year and it is on its way to became to the art world what Woodstock was to music.

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a unique festival accommodating a variety of arts that usually wouldn’t have a platform but all participants have one thing in common; they are genuinely gifted and inimitable. And what better place to gather all this global talent than Dubrovnik - a city that is itself a huge theatre and that has a tradition of serving the arts as long and old as the city itself.

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre has grown organically and it has become a hit with artists and now our wish is to promote this exceptional creative fair to all arts and theatre lovers, patrons and philanthropists, in one word, all art devotees. Next year we are planning to expand and slowly introduce the Le Petit Festival du Théâtre Foundation, whose main aim will be to support and finance artists and enable them to continue to enrich the world.

We plan to invite artists of all kinds, from all over the world, and with a panel of prominent artists choose the best to attend and exhibit here in Dubrovnik. There also will be cash prize for the most popular art/performance chosen by the public. Let’s say our aim is be Cannes of the arts world, bringing together creative and commercial interests without intermediates.

We are working hard to make all this possible and would appreciate very much if you all could help. First, if you are able to attend this year's festival it would make us very grateful. Alternatively, please help us promote this, only one of its kinds, festival among your friends, whether they would like to participate or simply come to enjoy the joie de vivre.

Please find enclosed an invitation to our special night, Le Bal Masqué, on Sunday, 30th August. The streets of Dubrovnik will become a Walking Exhibition with 200 masks specially designed for the festival by selected designers and renowned people from public life and, in addition to 500 souvenir masks with a logo of this year's festival.

There will be also a competition for the best designed mask and an award is created and will be presented by US designer Matthew S. Brill. You are welcome to bring, or design, your own mask for the Walking Exhibition but you still would need Le Petit Festival du Théâtre special designed mask for the entrance to the Post Party.

We hope to see you in Dubrovnik, if not this year then the next. How great it would be if you could join our family of micro philanthropists and help us grow this remarkable venture. We appreciate help in any form and shape, be it expertise or spare time, as million of us can bee as effective, if not even more, than a billionaires.

With best wishes and have a wonderful day.

Yours truly,
Katarina Hudson

Night hosted by Katarina Hudson / Večera iznenađenja koju postavlja Katarina Hudson