Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia
Main stage of Le Petit Festival du Théâtre 2014 at Lazareti
Le Petit Festival du Théâtre will take place at Lazareti complex which is situated just outside the city walls. A magnificent edifice build by the Republic of Dubrovnik dating far back in the times of Dubrovnik’s glory.

From here we have a beautiful view at the old port, island of Lokrum, part of the city walls and fort of St. John. The old arsenal what is today Gradska kavana, won’t escape our attention too.

The history of Lazareti (Lazzaretti .en) begins in 1590 with decision of the Ragusan government to build impressive quarantine complex. The final decision was taken in August 1627 to proceed with building activities. Main aim was to secure safe circulation of goods and people during the times of frequent outbreaks of epidemics.

As Dubrovnik was one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean basin, it was extremely exposed to this kind of danger. Knowing Ragusan perfection in dealing with any kind of threats it was quite a logical action. One of the additional reasons was permanent grumbling of Venice, (the biggest trade concurrent of the Ragusan Republic), that the Ragusan goods are not properly decontaminated.

Lazareti complex is a real symbol of Ragusan determination to assert its claims as the most dominant port in the Eastern Adriatic.
Club Lazareti

Established in 1988 as an artistic initiative that brings together young artists, philosophers, writers and theoreticians… encouraging an active and investigative approach to contemporary art and culture, society, politics and its inter-relations.

While focusing on the interaction between contemporary arts and social change, through its programmes and activities Club Lazareti determines its prerogatives as the presentation of and support to contemporary artistic production. It also initiates non-institutionalised education and artistic production, while encouraging immediate communication with artists and the site of their exhibition or action (whether in a gallery, street, square, city etc.)

Art Radionica Lazareti
Frana Supila 8
20000 Dubrovnik (Hrvatska)