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Dr. Awi Wiesel

Dr. Awi Wiesel
Dr. med. Awi Wiesel, MSc, MD
June 3, 1969, Antwerp/Belgium
married, one child

04/1989 Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany
04/1995 Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Universität Frankfurt/M., Germany
05/1996 Approbation

Scientific work
06/1996- Immunological research and routine Lab (Flow-Cytometry)
06/1998 University Childrens Hospital Mainz

Frankfurt, Germany; Belinson Med.Center, Israel; Universita Umberto I, Rome, Italy; Hòspital Mexico, San Jòse, Costa Rica; St. Josefs Hospital, Wiesbaden, Germany; Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA; Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape town, South Africa

since 07/1998 University Madical Center, Childrens Hospital Mainz, and Birth Registry
Mainz Model.
07/2000 - German Cancer Research Institute Heidelberg (DKFZ)
12/2005 Unit of Environmental Epidemiology

Further Studies
10/2004 - European Master of Science in Epidemiology
11/2008 University Medical Center Mainz, Germany.

Modules abroad: University of Turin, Italy; University of Porto, Portugal; Erasmus School, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Imperial College, London, UK

Additional Cultural/Real Life Qualification

1990-2012 professional DJ
2006 Director of a first international short film “La ultima pedana”
2004/05 Art Project “13 days between” in Frankfurt aM, Germany”
2006-2010 Organizing partner of the Galleries “K5” and “PrentoundWiesel”

2012 – Owner of QITOYA GmbH Berlin, trading handmade furniture, sustainable produced on the Phillipines (Prizmic & Brill)