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Sigrid Schumacher

Beauty, originality, individuality and quality are our main aims when designing fashion.

Sigrid SchumacherEach PROTOTYPE.Schumacher collection is based on a theme independent of general trends. Each theme is the result of individual thinking and interests, a reflection of emotions or my personal opinion of what is happening in the world. So themes may vary from simple physical phenomenons to complex political problems or historical or cultural topics.
Most of the designs are far ahead of their time. The colours as well as the styles are getting trendy and popular months or years later. Many of our techniques are experimental, never done before. It's often surprising to see what can be done with a simple piece of fabric, just doing it another way. We love to use hightech materials and search for new technologies.

It's part of our philosophy that we don't want to disguise women. Shirts, skirts, trousers, may be mixed and matched according to the style and taste of our customers. In our Paris store (Tessting, 41, rue Saint Honoré) our customers find ready to wear in seasonal colours. In our Bremen boutique (PROTOTYPE.Schumacher, Ostertorsteinweg 62) we not only carry the ready to wear collection. Customers have the opprtunity to order haute couture that means outfits made to their measures in their individual colours. We want to give them outfits that make them like themselves, feel well, beautiful, comfortable, at ease. 90% of the collection is being made from a multimicrofibre called Meryl mixed with Lycra, a fabric with Ökotex 100 designation. Buttons and trimmings are tested for not containing harmfull substances. The entire design and production is based in Bremen.