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Galitta Tassa

Galitta Tassa
Le Petit Festival 2014
Healing music journey

About Galitta

Galitta is a prolific artist, a singer/songwriter and “Sound Priestess” with a passion for expression and voice. She investigates the union point between masculine and feminine, east and west, astral and physical body, religion and spirituality, sound and silence, urban and tribal.

As a singer/songwriter Galitta explores the rhythms and chants from her Yemenite tribal heritage and combines them with her jazz and entertainment background to create her very own music and performing style.

As a vocalist Galitta likes to create songs on the moment. In her music project “The Thirteen”, she recorded a whole CD based on the philosophy that every moment, every intention contains its own music and sound. The role of the vocalist is to give it a form in sound that inspires and entertains.

As a performer and self-proclaimed public-pleaser Galitta uses music, rhythm and storytelling to entertain cold audiences into participation and collective happiness. With her interactive events, shows and training she mobilizes audiences towards inner leadership and collective happiness.

“I exist to share knowledge and playfulness through creative expression. I am a big believer in the power of the arts to stimulate people and generate happiness. I enormously enjoy healing and inspiring individuals and communities to achieve their full power. It is my personal mission to help people on their journey to be heard, and to shine, shine, shine!”

Galitta’s entrepreneurial drive led to the creation of the Fertile Ground Studio, the SiLaLuz foundation and the Happy Goddessa production house. To date she has led hundreds of performances, events and workshops worldwide to help countless numbers of men and women lead more fully integrated lives.
Women, Sister, Child -special for Le Petit Festival du Théâtre

Woman, Sister, Child is a musical journey of the Happy Goddessa finding her way home.

The music is an adventure of electronic and world music, and is sung in Hebrew, English and a secret language.
Galitta performs at Le Petit Festival du Théâtre with Iranian/German multi-instrumentalist Mr. Shirazy and Dutch DJ and producer Leo Melcherts.

The Performance, that is made especially for 10 years to Le Petit, investigate the magic healing of music, chants, focused intention and sound by mixing futuristic electronics and Mythological ancient prayers and instruments. The performance would be played in the 432HR known also as the Verdi tuning, instead of the popular440HZ
“Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature”
We believe that the union of male/female, heaven and earth is what brings healing and inspiration to a new earth. 

“I created this performance while inspired by my two beloved Yemenite grandmothers and their stories and rituals. I am looking for the center point of my urban life with my tribal roots, my love of lyrical songs and the spontaneous creation of chants, the joy of performing and the intimacy of meditation. In the performance we are celebrating all that we are and all we are not”
Galitta Tassa
Happy Goddessa Woman Circle with Galitta

A circle creates a safe haven for sisterhood, healing and fun.
We sing, meditate, do guided visualization and use our body and voice to bring awareness to our womanhood and to the femininity of the universe.
It is such a powerful way for us to connect and strengthen our life.
We are going to circle with our voices. Our speaking voice of sharing and our voice of singing will be opened. Sounding and singing together is great fun and very powerful and you don't need to do anything special, just be willing to feel loved :-)

In general this is not a workshop but a meeting where we share beauty, togetherness and inspiration.
Every woman should have a circle.
It creates focus for what we are; who we want to be.
Galitta Tassa
Galitta Tassa