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Matej  Mestrovic

Matej Mestrovic

Matej  Mestrovic
In the Days of Croatian music Matej took part as youngest composer (1985). In January 1990. he "rescued" the premiere of the ballet "The King" by Boris Papandopulo reading and leaming in three days a complete manuscript of this major musical acts, two weeks before the premiere.

Matej  MestrovicAt Music Biennale Zagreb (1991) Matej has performed with the American New Age harpist Georgiom Kelly. This performance was incorporated in the official program of the Biennale.

In April 1998. composes music for the movie full circular projection of 360 degrees, director Vinko Bresan "One day on the Croatian coast," which appears at the world exhibition EXPO 1998. in Lisbon.

In November 1999. he won the City of Zagreb Award for outstanding implementation of the Croatian pavilion and exhibition at EXPO '98. in Lisbon.

In November 2004. author has created a CD entitled "Sounds of Velebit" which was distributed by "National Geographic" in more than 45,000 copies.

In October 2005. MM has won the prize for best tourism film in all categories in the international festival "Tourfilm 2005" in Poznan.

2005.g as a composer and as a director creates a project promoting Croatian heritage site by UNESCO.

Of 2009, establishing the original project / Ensemble Orient Expresto.

2010.g, Music Information Centre publishes sheet music for two pianos "Twenty Fingers". 2010.g, ends with original music for the series Stipe Bozic "Deserts of the World".

2010.g, winner of the "Octavius" in the Days of Croatian Film Festival for the film "Kingdom - Land of Light".

2010.g, he ended piano arrangements for the new album Maxima Mrvice.

2010.g, / May / opened the EXPO in Shanghai, where autror music for the Croatian Pavilion. 2010.g, / September / Aquarius Records released the CD autroski "Deserts of the World"

2010.g, / Oct / - on the 13th International Tourism Film Festival in Solin ITF'CRO2010, Matej has won the prize "Baldo Cupic" for the best national tourist film, which includes the film in 50 countries around the world.