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Ikuo Ichimori

Born in Osaka in 1946, studied Interior Design in Tokyo,
Lives in Paris since 1968.
Opened his shop in Paris at Quartier Latin.

1978 Received an award for a necklace and a ring, at the International Pearl Design Contest.
1988 Received a Grand Prix award from the < World Gold Council Contest >.
Licence contract for gold jewellery with Bear Co. Ltd.
1990 Etablished a design studio at Meillers, 300km south of Paris, and then share activity between Paris and Meillers.
1991 Licence contract for costume jewellery with Madame Grès
1997 Opened a shop at Omote-Sandô in Tokyo.
2000 Creation of Eau de Parfum < IKUO >.
2004 Edition of book, IKUO Paris, photos by Keisuke Nishida.
2008 Creation of jewel for Musical “ Shape of Love” by Gen Kuroda,Tokyo
2009 Organised a competition of Windmills, co-operated with Galerie Kit House.
2010 Exhibition of Windmills at IKUO Paris.
2011 Creation of jewel for theater “ The Queen Marie Antoinette-After that” by Kotaro Takeda, Tokyo
IKUO Shop   IKUO  
Whatever the material used, the recurrent theme of each of my collections is to give it back softness, lightness and warmth.
In the step of the creation, it must be kept in mind that the jewel will be wore:
Consequently becoming adornment will be magnified.
Ikuo Ichimori