Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2010 Dubrovnik Croatia
Finnish Video Program
  A Finnish Video Art Collection
Specially for Le Petit Festival du Théâtre 2010
  Curated by Kaarina Ormio

16 videos, total length about 1 h 15 min

For this collection of Finnish video works I have chosen some beautiful and thoughtful pieces. The series became a kind of story where the movement of the sight plays a role. Sometimes the sight is floating in a certain direction, sometimes the character is moving inside the sight. Then again you stay looking at some delightful movements in the nature, or stop and take a step back for an (unpleasant) observation on humankind. Or you just wonder how the world is.
Test Drive No:2 “Legoland”, 3:13 min
Pasi Eerik Karjula 2005

A sculptor’s experience of New York
Well 4:23 min
Juha Mäki-Jussila 2010

An extract from a work in progress combining super8, found footage, abstract animation and deep waters.
Purge II 2:05 min
Gun Holmström 2009

"Purge" is inspired by the light interacting with the canals in Berlin.
Umbrellas 3:15 min
Pasi Eerik Karjula 2004

People walk in and out of the Helsinki railway station. It is raining outside. They open their umbrellas as they step outside.
Nature Film 2:09 min
Juha Mäki-Jussila 2006

Nature film is an analytic approach to human charateristics.
Pori-Helsinki 8:37 min
Miia Rinne 2008

This hand painted 35 mm film depicts a moving landscape, as if seen from the window of a train. The film discusses the way in which the mind moves at once in different space-times.
No end 4:50 min
Petra Lindholm 2005

‘The voyage is the time when our thoughts can develop freely and intensely. As a matter of fact, new thoughts often need new scenarios.’
Night Scientist 5:20 min
Maija Saksman, Seppo Renvall

A poetic vision of a night scientist
Holy Road 2:19 min
Maria Duncker 2009

‘Hymns came out when I was teaching myself to play the harmonium in a freely improvisational way. Other things that I do are sewing "multi-national costumes" out of plastic bags and experimenting with camera obscura.
Wear the Bazooka 8:30 min
Petra Lindholm 2002

An experience of war seen on TV
In the Garden 6:20 min
Anne Siirtola 2010

‘In the Garden represents the human mind. I have filmed my garden and greenhouse all the way from the spring until the late fall.
Speed of Light 5:02 min
Salla Myllylä 2010

A carbon drawing animation on shadows and light
Rush 2:41 min
Hanna Ojamo 2009

Depicts the changes of industrialization in people`s every day lives in 1950-60 such as the acceleration of pace. Based on archive material.
A Woman on the Beach 4:32 min
Kaarina Ormio 2009

Someone tries to listen to the time.
Absence 7:15 min
Niina Lehtonen-Braun 2008

A little girl in a strange world
17 seconds 0:34 min
Salla Myllylä 2009

A very short animation on carbon drawing