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Albert ALEL Kessler
Albert ALEL Kessler
  Albert ALEL Kessler
  Born (1st okt. 1978) and raised in Austria he graduated from the "Performing Arts Studios Vienna" in 2001 with public diploma for
Acting, Singing and Dancing.

His second homeland Chile through his mothers side, the Jewish-Czech heritage from his father and his many trips to Spain have had a strong
influence on his personal and artistic development.
Already during his musical education he discovered a talent as a director, ensemble-coach and choreographer.

Three years after his graduation he wrote and produced the interactive Solo-Musical ALEL and established it to a 30 member cast musicalshow
"ALEL Five Stories" in a coproduction with the Public Music Schools Vienna (Musiklehranstalten Wien), for whom he also gives workshops in
the classes "Music-Interpretation" and "Performance Technique".

Out of this Show-project the company ALEL's creative productions was founded (may 2005), featuring Albert Kessler as a performing artist
(actor, singer etc.) as well as leading/creative artist (director, coach, author, composer).
Albert ALEL Kessler
  Nele Moser
  Nele Moser: performing artist and muscial entertainer.

"Already with 4 years Nele discoverd her musical talent by arranging simple childrens-songs for two hand piano accompany, befor even having studied the instrument. Her love for dance and the performing arts grew in high school.

She managed to be chosen into an international Performing Arts Studio in Vienna having to take on several extra jobs to be able to support herself through these intense years.

She graduated in the year 2000 and can now look back on a diverse career: Dance Cybershows (F@lcon in Ronacher), Music Cabaret (Kabarett Simpl), Musical Theatre (Jekyll & Hyde) and Operetta (Role on Inkeeper "Jette" "Der Vogelhändler", and finally "Die Fledermaus" Japan tour June 2011).

As a solo artist she is coming back to her roots as a tasteful and charming arranger of songs for piano&voice, which she loves to perform in humurous singer&songerwiter-cabaret-style.

She is co-founder of "MONDIAL"-An All Stylez Show (last big concert in Wiener Musikverein Sept 2009) with her husband Alel. The couple is happily married since June 2002.
Albert ALEL Kessler
  Albert ALEL Kessler