Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia


Tsurukam company, founded by Kaori Suzuki and Sébastien Vuillot.
Their goals are to raise audience awareness about cultural exchange, and to take advantage of their different artistic talents in the creation of their theatrical works.


Sébastien and Kaori will be performing the solo Tomoki at Le Petit Festival 2014.
"TOMOKI is the our son’s Japanese name… here it refers to a project which explores the soul, existence, nature, the cycle of life, the sacred, connection, heritage, transmission.. almost like a film about someone’s life. This solo includes elements of aerial choreography (suspended from a harness), dance, the use of props (Japanese parasols) and elements such as light and paper, as well as puppetry. There is no text but the character is accompanied by a complex soundscape (music, songs and sound effects)."
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Kaori Suzuki - Japan

Kaori completed her classical training in Singapore (Royal Academy of Dance method) and in Japan at the Tokyo Ballet school and with Saboro Yokose. From 1989 to 1996, she worked in Japan as a soloist performing classical repertoire and collaborating with various Japanese choreographers, as well as teaching ballet.

Since 1997, she has lived in Paris and has worked with: Matthew Hawkins at the Royal Ballet, London in “Angle and Exile” (back stage project), Carlotta Ikeda in “Rite of Spring”
(buto), Karry Kamal Karry in “Siamois” and Jacky Auvray in “parenthèse” and “d’x”. She choreographed and performed in Philippe Dormoy and Valerie Jolly’s “Silence” (musical
theatre). She also worked with the Cie Remue et Ménage (street theatre). This year she will be working on “On Air” a collaboration between the Shayela company and the band
the “Guns of Brixton”.

She danced at the Paris Opera and the Theare du Chatelet in operas directed by Ennosuke 3, Yannis Kokkos, La fure del baus, Micha Van Hoecke and Gilbert Deflo.

She performed in Emir Kusturica’s “le temps des gitans”, an opera/rock adaptation of his film, an acrobatic duet intended to bring a surrealist element to the drama.

Together with Sébastien Vuillot, she founded the company Tsurukam and has participated in the elaboration ...and performance all of the companies pieces.

Sébastian Vuillot - France

Sébastian studied dance with Françoise Raquin (Jazz) and Hélène Sadovska (ballet), and theatre with Yves Carlevaris. It was Roger Bergerin who gave him a sense of independence and originality by introducing him to tap and musical comedy. He continued to develop his artistic style alongside Yano Yatrides (contemporary dance) and Jaime Cortes (neutral mask). It was thanks to Alain Recoing (master of hand-puppets) and Christian Remer that he discovered the powerful dramatic art of puppetry.

He went on to create Kagome, and then in October 2010, to make Vilbrequin, a collaboration with JP Desrousseaux (a puppet parody based on the myth of Don Juan) which was performed as part of the Festival Again at the Theatre aux Mains Nues.

He continued his professional development, doing courses on Kabuki and No theatre with Master Kanze and Master Yamamoto, and on the theatricality of mouvement with Claire Hegen and Yves Marc.

In 2009, he travelled to Nagano to study the work of Hoichi Okamoto (Dondoro theatre).

In 2010 he learnt about lighting design with JP Lescot, and in March 2011, was able to learn from Nomura Mansai (Grand Master of Kyogen Theatre) on one of his rare visits to Paris.
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75012 Paris