Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia
Kascha B.

Kascha B.

Solo Art Dance Theatre Comedy

Kascha B.
Is it an everyday setting or is it dance?

Kascha B. is a self-taught comedian, who learnt through various dance styles, performances, theatre and great love for slapstick. She combines an excellent moving quality from the dance and theatre area with absurd, interesting characters, thereby creating her own style.

This style stands out from classical dancing or dance theatre.
Since 1999 Kascha B. has been touring around the world with the international open-air company Theater Titanick.
She is part of many independent theatre groups and plays on stage, in tents, in the street an other open-air spaces.
In her mostly weird performances she works with live camera and video installations, she also makes short films.

Kascha B. is also a painter, she creates sculptures, writes poems and makes her own probs and costumes.

During Le Petit Festival du Théâtre she will present "nobody", an interactive living sculpture, and "Miss Pille Palle", a droll, comical dance-performance. Miss Pille Palle is lovely jarring, mostly non-verbal, always spontaneous and unpredictable.
It is everyday life comedy without a safety net or double floor.

But... Lady K.B. has some more costumes in her suitcase and
...you never know what she will do next...!

Kascha B. started ballet dancing in 1989, she learnt the techniques of contact improvisation, improvisation dancing, elements of buto dance, experimental dancing, body mind centering and obtained a qualification in new dance in 1998.
She taught creative dancing and improvisation.
Since 1994 she has been a choreographer for solo, duets and groups, now she often travels as a soloist with her cute dog, which is also an actor.
Kascha B.