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Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller

Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia M´┐ŻllerEzequiel Sanucci (Buenos Aires) & Lydia Müller (Germany) are professional dancers in tango, contemporary dance, ballet and contact improvisation based in The Netherlands. They are specialiced in the fusion of Argentinean tango with contemporary dance and contact improvisation. They have been working since many years as professional contemporary dansers in well known dance companies in Europe. Ezequiel was also a soloist ballet dancer at the Ballet del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

Because of their tango, contemporary dance and theater background they developed their own Contemporary Tango style and they make tango dance theater productions with their own dance company: Tango Danstheater / Ezequiel Sanucci. They also teach together tango, tango fusion, contact tango, partnering, contemporary dance, contact and improvisation workshops.

In 2010 they won the 1st prize with a tango fusion choreography of Ezequiel at Rabotheater Open Podium Twente in The Netherlands. They performed and teached at major festivals, theaters and milongas in Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Venezuela and Mexico as: Festival Cambalache, Club Villa Malcolm in Buenos Aires; Muziektheater Amsterdam, Festival Mundial, Dias Latinos, Korzo Theater, Vondelpark Openluchttheater in The Netherlands; TangoGreece Festival in Athens; NeoTangoRave, Phantastango in Germany; Rotterdam Tango Transformations; Mi Amberes Querido in Belgium; Festival Cervantino in Mexico, among others. They also performed together with orquestras such as Alfredo Marcucci and Sexteto Milonguero.

Ezequiel was working as a dancer and tango choreographer with the International Danstheater in the production "Puur Barbaars" that celebrated the 50th anniversary of this prestigious dance company with premier in Lucent Danstheater.
Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller