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Requiem for Mozart

Requiem for Mozart

Requiem for Mozart
Requiem for MozartRequiem for Mozart - a music travel through Mozart's Requiem.
A group of musicians from Poland, inspired by this masterpiece of Mozart, are going to take the audience and themselves on a journey to eternity in music based on classical themes and free improvisation. The idea of the project is to combine classical instruments such as piano and clarinet with ethnic sounds (Tibetan gongs, Chinese guzang) and unusual instruments such as Theremin - the only instrument which can be played on without touching it.
The whole experiment is based on the melodies, composition and harmony of just one requiem of Mozart.

Piotr Rachoń - piano
Mateusz Rybicki - clarinet, bass clarinet
Michał Litwa Litwiniec - gongs, etnic sounds, theremin
Jacek Fedorwicz Wiadomość  - visualisations

Michał Litwiniec
Magister philosophy of Universitet of Wroclaw.
Composer, musician, happener, actor, sound hunter, multi-instrumentalist.

Art Director of legendary Art Cafe Kalambur and Kalaczakra Galery&Coffe in Wroclaw, Poland.
He composed music for more than 40 theater performances and many music to documentary and fabulary films. Creator of unique, only one in Europe clay orchestra and performance „Clay Songs“. He stays in permanent cooproduction with one of the best Polish director Piotr Cieplak and many theatres in Poland. Sound therapist with Niburu Project.

Member of legendary group Kormorany. Creator of music group Studiopustka Factory, Era Wodnika and Fale Bardo. Permanent cooperation with Fabrica Karbido, psyhofolk band Czerwie, jass-hop band Kanal Audytywny, Theater Capitol in Wroclaw and Theater Clinic of Puppets.
Some theater compositions: ("Antigona"- Sofokles, 1997; "Two mens from Verona" - Shakespeare, 1999; "Amelka, beaver and king on the roof" - Dorst, 2005; "Ach,how beautyfull is Panama" - Janosh, 2006; "Medea" -Eurypides, 2006; "Snow Queen" - Andersen, 2007).
Also composer of music to many performances by Piotr Cieplak with Kormorany band ('History of holly ressurection" 1994; "Testament of dog" 1997; "King Lear" 2001; "History of Jakob"2002;"Book of Job"2004).
Film music: "AlaRM"; "Warszawa"; "Chaos"; "Lessons of Mr Kuka". Co-author of avant-garde project "The Table" with Karbido band - in permanent tour around the world now.

He is supporting many young artists on area of Kalambur Club and Kalaczakra Gallery, where musicians, bands, painters, poets and travelers could express their open art.
Piotr Rachoń
Pianist, composer.

Music is from 7 years of age.
Peter has performed since 1992 in clubs, theaters, concert halls and festivals in the country and abroad.
In 2003-2005, he co-founded Pulsarus trio, with whom he recorded the album "Digital Freejazz".
In 2004 he led a unique project AVATAR - trzynastoosobową orchestra with an international cast, with the participation of Yuri Yaremtchuka, Olga Szwajgier and Gendos Chamzyryna.
In 2005 he published his book "Dictionary of feelings and emotions," published together the solo album "White Lead Wind".

In subsequent years, Peter toured with musicians such as:
Elliott Sharp (USA), Shoji Hano (JP), Mazzoll (PL), Namtchylak Sainkho (Tuva), John Dobie (UK), Jorgos Skolias (PL), Kimi Sakaki (JP), Gendos Chamzyryn (Tuva), Yaremtchuk Yuri (Ukraine), Elena Belyaeva (RU).
He made a series of piano recitals, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow.

Since 2007, working with Philip Danielakiem, which is a duo that is a compilation of jazz, ethno and contemporary improvisation. He co Dukha group, which operates from 2011 in the "Mongolian legend." This project, based on the gongs and Tibetan bowls, and numerous archaic instruments, percussion and piano, use meditation and relaxation.

In 2009, created the design for Mozart's Requiem - the trio, which has developed an original adaptation W.A. MOZARTA requiem. The premiere of this event took place in August 2009 in Dubrovnik during the festival "Le Petit Festival du Theatre".

- "Drowse"
- "Angels fly low"
- "Digital freejazz"
- "Avatar"
- "White leading wind"
Mateusz Rybicki
Musician, composer.

Mateusz owes his first contact with improvised music to musicians collaborating with Cinema Theater, where he grew up. He graduated from Karol Szymanowski's Wrocław Music School. Currently he's a student of Wrocław Academy of Music in Jazz department.

He's a member of such projects as Requiem for Mozart, Talama, Sinusoidal Orchestra, and an organiser of Wrocław improvised music meetings called Impro Travel Night. He wrote music for theater productions such as: Pamiętniki z Powstania Warszawskiego, Kartoteka, Sounds of Gestures.
Jacek Tuńczyk Fedorowicz
Composer, persistently non-traditional musician, bow-guitarist, bass-player, multi-instrumentalist, sound creator, artist, professional amateur, incorrigible melancholic, baseless optimistic.

Performed at 1000 of concerts and spectacles in 30 countries, from Los Angeles to Teheran, Orcney Islands, Minsk, Edinbourgh, Jerusalem, Melbourne… at cathedrals and basements, palaces and squatts, factories and meadows, universities, museums, castles, vernissages... 40 premieres, 200 theaters, 200 festivals, dozen prizes, few films, 8 CD releases.

'86-'89 Bassist of a legendary anti-communist Polish band Klaus Mit Foch
'87-'12 Member of a legendary Polish avantgard band Kormorany
'06-'12 Soundmaster of a worldwide famous "The Table" which was performed at "Le Petit Festival" in '07
'08-'12 Soundmaster of an extraordinary "Requiem for Mozart" which was performed at "Le Petit Festival" in '09