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Namiko Gahier-Ogawa

Namiko Gahier-Ogawa

Namiko Gahier-OgawaNamiko Gahier-Ogawa (French/Japanese) first graduated with a Masters Degree of Literature before dedicating herself to dance. Since then, her love for semiology and poetry support all her composition works. She directs the Yume Arts Company since 2004 and writes various transdisciplinary pieces, such as TRA NOI, les échos de l’étranger, awarded by the First Prize of the PARIS YOUNG TALENTS. Her current project presents a duet with the pianist and composer Gary Goldschneider, Notes from the Underworld, in Amsterdam.

Working as a choreographer lead her to create pieces for dancers but also actors and opera singers in theatre/dance productions. Her practice as a classic piano player allows her to find intrinsic rythms when adapting movements to space or characters. She also choreographs for cinema, in the musical movie of director Nicolas Engel, Les voiliers du Luxembourg, displayed in many European festivals and broadcasted on ARTE TV Channel.

In parallel with her own productions and collaborations with artists from visual arts, Namiko dances for the English choreographers Amir Hosseinpour, Jonathan Lunn and Denni Sayers, in operas productions at De Singel Theater, De Vlaamse Opera of Antwerp / Gent (Belgium), De Nederlands Opera/Muziektheater of Amsterdam (Holland), the Festspiel Haus of Baden-Baden (Germany) and the Coliseum of London (UK).

During her stay in South America, she deepened her work as a producer and co-founded the platform CONEXION DANZA, developing production support for Chilean contemporary dance companies and creating international workshops with the partnership of Theatre Matucana 100 and Centro Cultural Anandamapu, that she directed.
Namiko Gahier-Ogawa
Trailer of CIMA, in Agua Sakra Company, creation made in Santiago de Chile.