Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia
Le Théâtre des Silences

Le Théâtre des Silences

The Bird is a mime show for all audiences, which tells the unikely meeting between an old tramp and a freaky young cormorant, somewhere on the riverside of Brittany: love, dream, music, and a good lesson of marine biology...

Duration: 1h15
Audience: from 5 years old

Le Théâtre des Silences, "The Bird”Distribution
Mime: Gwenola Lefeuvre
Music: Lise Belperron
Stage director: Thibaut Garçon
Set: Audrey Castelain and Gwenola Lefeuvre
Costumes: Valérie Tellier

Gwenola Lefeuvre
Actress, Mime and Clown

Gwenola LefeuvreGwenola Lefeuvre began drama in 1996 and would learn for years how to speak on a stage. Some day, she decided to shut up and got introduced to the art of silence, at the International Mimodrame School of Marcel Marceau, in Paris. Then she founded the company « le Théâtre des Silences » and discovered the clown, the jester and the melodrama, mixing them up in a joyful mess. She keeps looking for other languages, somewhere between the cacophony of life and the magic of silence.
Lise Belperron

Lise BelperronLise Belperron learnt the piano for 11 years in a small suburban town next to Bordeaux ; then she just left and tried to discover the world, but the piano refused to follow her, so she began to play its little brother, the accordion. Her case worsened when she started drumming and singing and doing some strange sound effects in live shows. She lost lots of friends, but still remained addicted to stage and all its derivatives.
Thibaut Garçon
Stage director

Thibaut GarçonThibaut first got initiated to the live performing arts by Jean Ribault, in Avignon. Attracted by a life entirely dedicated to the stage, he went to Paris and tried a very classical theater school, which just brought him perplexity. In 1999, he met Maud Robart (who had worked with Jerzy Grotowski) and became her assistant, learning traditional singing for many years. He finally discovered the clown and the jester, and the pleasure of directing people on a stage when they can’t protest. He also began to sing in dark underground pubs in Paris, as « Monsieur Minuscule ».