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Gyohei Zaitsu

Gyohei Zaitsu

Born 1977 in Tokyo/Japan
Butoh dancer, Choreographer

For anyone interested, Gyohei Zaitsu will be giving daily workshops at Le Petit Festival 2112
Read more at - the Butoh Dance Research Workshop -

Gyohei Zaitsu has been installed in Paris since 1999. His improvisations take place in the most diverse range of venues and he has performed many improvised and experimental solo pieces mostly in Europe and Japan. He works on both solo and group creations as a choreographer while continuing to follow his personal research on the body, the nature, the dream and its way of being in the world. Gyohei Zaitsu collaborates often with musicians such as Oki ITARU, Taca ,e.t.c, and also works in the theater and cinema field. He gives the Butoh dance research workshop regularly in Paris and different places in Europe.
Gyohei Zaitsu
"The body is a place where forces jostle and intersect.
Where do these forces come from?
I do not know.
The body exists beyond my comprehension.
And each time I dance, the memory is renewed.
Life dances. I cannot impede it" -Gyohei Zaitsu-
Butoh solo performances

2000 - 2001
"Be-There" in the Bertin Poiree Cultural Space (Paris)
"The passage of a little nothing" in the Extreme Orient Festival (Paris)
"Illogical body'' in the Tokyo Zone Festival (Cafe de la Danse, Paris)
"Butoh and Piano" with Isao Yu (piano) in the Festival Cinema et Culture d'Asie (Lyon, France)

"Gyohei Dance" in the Asagaya Drum (Tokyo)with Kizan Daiyoshi (shakuhachi) and Yutaka Yoshida (percussions)
"The Life-Dance" at La Fenetre (Paris) with Alan Silva (base), Itaru Oki (trumpet), Makoto Sato (drums), Isao Yu (piano)
"No Name Flower" at Studio Shala (Paris), UNESCO (Paris), Jazz Festival (Madagascar)with Takahiro Shimizu (accordion)
"22/11" in the Festival Autunno Danza (Cagliari, Italy), etc.with Andreas Froeba (lap-top-music)

Gyohei Zaitsu2003
"No Name Flower'' with Takahiro Shimizu (accordion) in Plan-B (Tokyo), AI-PLAZA (Okayama, Japan), the Butoh Dance Festival (Paris), Un ete a Bourge Festival (Bourge),
'' Danse à Vesone '' in the Festival International de Mime de Périgueux (Périgueux, France)

"I TA I" in Plan B (Tokyo)
"No Name Flower" with Takahiro Shimizu (accordion) in MPT of Kerfeunteun (Quimper, France) in "le geste poetique"
"Improvisation with Claude Parle (accordion)" in the Butoh Festival Proscenium (Paris)

‘’Ai-Tai’’ with Kizan Daiyoshi (sha ku-hachi) in Plan B (Tokyo).
"No Name Flower" with Takahiro Shimizu (accordion) in the Gerard Philippe Theatre (Orleans, France) in the Convergences Japon Festival, at the `Cinema Barbizon (Paris), `Dolch vita (Paris)
''Recycle'' with Ben Roberts (music recycling) in the Expo Stop (Madrid, Espagne)
''Hamster'' with Goetz Rogge (video) at the interaktion labor (Saarbruchen), heimat unlimited (Bramen)
"Bach meets Buto'' with D.Weinstein (violoncelle) at OPA (Paris)
''Perspective Emotin'' with Chie Mukai (kokyu) at Voûtes (Paris)
''L'envol raté '' with Makoto Sato(batterie) and Abdelhai Bennani(saxophone) at l'atelier Tampon (Paris)

''No Name Flower'' with Takahiro Shimizu (accordion) in the Buto Festival (Paris) in the Bertin Poiree cultural space.
''Bengyo'' with Ben Roberts (music recycling) in the c’est la vie theatre(Madrid)

"Etre-là" with Itaru Oki (trompette), Makoto Sato(batterie) and Claude Parle (accordion) in the Bertin Poirée cultural space (Paris)
"L'épouvantail" with Taca (accordion), Damien Perollaz(Max-MSP), Pasal Battus (pickup guitare)in the Le Procenium theatre(Paris)
"L'épouvantail" with Taca(accordion), Claude Parle (accordion) in the Festival Danse Butô (Paris)
"Butô et accordéon" with Taca (accordion) in the Festival Luisances (Brest, France)
"No Name Flower" with Taca (accordion) in the Lierre Theatre (Paris), Die Pratze (Tokyo)
''Improvisation'' in the Festival Encuentro (Cuenca,Espagne)
"Face 1", for the exposition of Christophe Avella Bagur at the Galerie Jean Luc et Takako Richard (Paris)
"L'épouvantail" with Trevor Knight (synthétiseur) and Oki Itaru (trompette) in the Dublin Electric Art Festival (Dublin, Ireland)

''Une tache sur la terre de Paris''; a series of solo improvisations in the street of Paris. He danced about 40 different places in Pairs during the summer.
''No Name Flower '' with Taca (accordion) in the Festival Autunno Danza (Cagliari, Italie), in the Rencontre Butô NY-Japon-Paris (Paris),
''Emerveillement'' creation 2008 in Butô Festival (Paris)
''La vie en rose'' in Nous et les Maisons (Paris)
''Anmonite Gig'' duo avec Yuko Kaseki at Dock 11 (Berlin, Germany)
''Improvisation'' with Nicolas Moulin (guitar) in Expo Friends Around the Garden (Paris)

''I come to dance in your house'', a series of solo improvisations in the houses. He danced in 20 houses in France and Belgium during the year.
''No Name Flower'' with Taca (accordion). Hôtel Dieu (Toulouse, France), Butô Festival (Paris), All 1 (Hamburg, Germany)
''The prisonner'' creation 2009 in Festival Autunno Danza (Cagliari, Italy)
''Rodin et Matisse'' with Yuko Hirota (piano) and Clotilde Tiradritti (dancer) at Matisse Museum (Nice)
Performances with Christophe Avella-Bagur (painter) in Manosque (France)
''Improvisation'' with the band Suphy in Tokyo (Japon)
''Improvisation'' with Olaf Rupp (guitar) in Uncool festival (Poschiavo, Switzerland), Studio Albatros (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with the reading of Kossi Efoui (writer) in the festival Equivoxe (Quimper, France)
And solo improvisations in different places... (Mons, Vannes, Nantes, etc...)

'' No Name Flower'' with Taca (accordion)
Butoh Dance Festival (Freiburg, Germany), Dit de Danse (Brest, France),
'' Toilet for All'', choreography for 7 dancers Butô Festival (Paris)
''No Secret Garden'' with a group of international artists (Hamburg, Germany)
''Martoh!'', with 3 musiciens and a blacksmith (La Roche sur Yon, France)
''Balade Butô'', performance in the nature with 5 dancers (Morbihan, France)
''The Nature, my dream'' in Festival SKW'ART (Paris)
''Docking'' with Drazen Zanchi (film projection-lighting) and Wayn Malm (music) T.R.A.C.E (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with Alexandre Authelain (sax) in Butoh sans frontières (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with Abdelhai Benani (sax) in Kibélé (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with Itaru Oki (trumpet) in Vienne en Val (France)
And solo improvisations in different places... (Rochefort, Vannes, l'Université Paris 8, etc)

''Improvisation'' with Elise Dabrowski (contrabass) and Lazare (spoken words) at La java (Paris)
''The Island of happiness and unhappiness'' with Yuko Hirota (piano) in Château de Monceaux-les-Meaux (France)
''Improvisation'' with Fred Marty (contrabasse) at La Java (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with Haim Issacs (piano, voice), Izidor Leitinger (trumpet) and Michel Thouseau (contrabasse) at l'Espace Beaujon (Paris)
Performances in ''Promenade Littéraire'' in Rosporden (France)
''Improvisations'' with Itaru Oki (trumpet) and Tchangodei (piano) at Bec de Jazz (Lyon, France)
'Balades Butô'' performances in the nature with 5 dancers at Cairn de Gavrinis, Cairn du Petit Mont and Parc du Château de Rochefort-en-Terre (Morbihan, France)
''Devil's Spine Band'' performances with Irish artists Galway Art Festival (Ireland)
''Improvisation'' with Fred Marty (contrabasse), Jean-Baptiste Favory (synthesizer) et Antony Carcone (guitar) at la Galerie G (Paris)
''Improvisation'' with Christine Adam-Roux (violin) in La Roche sur Yon (France)
''Who am I kidding?'' with Monsieur Scary (circuit bending) at UT Connewitz (Leipzig, Germany) and at Altes Kino (Freiburg, Germany)
And solo improvisations in different places... (Paris, Angers, etc).


"The phantom of the spirit", duo with Maki Watanabe in the Direct Dance Festival (Normandy, France)

"The play of the nature", duo with Maki Watanabe in the Dance Box Festival (Paris)
"The process of the rebirth", choreography for 9 dancers in the Butoh Dance Festival (Paris)
"Be-There", "Blooming", "Illogical body" in the International Mime Festival of Perigueux (Perigueux, France)

"Seuls",duo with Maki Watanabe, choreography and conception Gyohei Zaitsu in the Rencontres Choregraphiques Japon Festival in the Lierre Theatre (Paris).

''L'enfant loup'', choreography for Maki Watanabe in the Festival Danse Box (Paris)
''Como agua de mayo'', direction for 2 dancers and 3 actors in the C'est la vie Theatre
''Slat'', choreography for Maki Watanabe and 4 musicians in the Galway Art Festival (Irland)
Chorography for the concert of contemporary music played by Julian Elvira(flute) in the Festival Encuentro (Cuenca, Espagne)

''Ciel de Cendre'', choreography for Maki Watanabe, Butô Festival (Paris)
''Poison/Paradise'', direction for 10 dancers, Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée (Paris)
intervention choreographic for oriental dance creation ''Hidjab'' (St Brieuc, France)
intervention choreographic for juggling creation ''C'est alors que je vis le pendule'' (Brest, France)

intervention choreographic for juggling creation 'Requiem pour un oeuf'' (Brest, France)

Organizer of the event ''Toilet for All''
(1st edition) in Butô festival (Paris)
(2nd edition) at La guillotine (Paris)
(3rd edition) at the riverside of la Seine (Paris)
Direction for the theater creation ''Mickey La Torche'' (Rennes, France)
Co-direction for the clown creation ''K'' (Nantes, France)

4th edition of ''Toilet for All'' in the festival ''Dits de Danse'' (Brest, France)

Other experiences
(theatre, danse, film...)

plays the principale role in the film ''Hiromi'', directed by Catherine Villeret

"The Sacred Mountain Project'' (Poschiavo, Switzerland) with Free Form Ensemble (composition and direction by Alan Silva)

Theatre performance "Gilgamesh'' directed by Teresa Ludovico in the Teatro Kismet OperA (Bari, Italy), Brighton Festival (England)
Project "Yume no ato" with Goetz Rogge (video), Andreas Froeba (lap-top-music) Shoots and performances: Italy, Germany
Theatre performance "Three pieces for Irish Nos" directed by Christophe Maltot in the Maison Folie (Tourcoing, France), Aix en Provence (France)
Theatre performance "L'etrange voyage de Peer Gynt" directed by Alan Maratrat in the Amstram Gram Theater (Geneva), le Petit Theater (Lausanne)

Theatre performance '' La dispute" of Marivaux, directed by Alain Maratrat in the Theatre Vidy (Lausanne), Schauspielhaus (Zurich)

Dance performance ''Esse'' choreography by Karry Kaml Karry in the Cafe de la danse (Paris)
Dance performance ''Corps médium Corps média'' choreography by Katy Roulaud in the Ballet Atlantique Régine Chopinot ( La Rochelle)

role of Sunaga in the film "La Chenille", directed by Vincent Loubere
Dance butoh performance "Kao-Chaos", directed by Midô Omura in the Theatre Le Procenium

role of l'Homme du dessin in the film "La vie lointaine", directed by Sébastien Betbeder.
principale role in the film '' Un sale type'', directed by Vincent Loubere

principal role in video-clip ''Something about ghost'', directed by Sandrine Lemonne
principal role in ''Rough Time'' directed by Trish Mcadam (Ireland)

''Devil's Spine Band '' direction Trevor Knight, Galway Art Festival (Ireland).
play the role of ''Bird-Man'' in ''A la recherche de l'aile droite'', short film directed by Azusa Kurokawa


Gyohei Zaitsu started to give a Butoh Dance Research Workshop in Paris in 2001. Since then, he gives it in different places mostly in France and in Europe, such as: Paris, Orleans, Tourcoing, Brest, Poitiers, Rennes, Bordeaux, Marseille, Vannes, La Rochelle, Forcalquier, Angers, Toulouse, Lyon, Fougères, Cagliari (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Freiburg (Germany), Leipzig (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), etc.
Gyohei Zaitsu
76, rue de la Procession
75015 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 83 48 01
Mob: +33 (0)6 84 90 74 87
E-mail: gyoheiz@gmail.com