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Blaženka Roth

Blaženka Roth

"Through the spiritual practice of cutting the cloth, I can learn harmony, respect, purity and tranquility of the softness of linen, silk and cotton. They breath when they are worn, they become little part of us." — Blaženka Roth
Blaženka Roth

Blaženka RothBlaženka Roth was born on 29 October 1974 in Čakovec.
Growing up in a family of textile masters her passion for sewing clothes shows in early childhood by creating and producing clothes for the dolls of their friends. Her first real piece of clothing was made in the 7th grade of primary school.

She has finished high school for textile in Varazdin,.She has become a major clothing technician, and her dressmaker mother perfected the technique of the trade.

She opened a fashion salon where she works in Varazdin.She creates only a special orders , trying to emphasize the personality of each client by clothing.

She has started her own fashion line called "Broth", which successfully placed on the market Varazdin and Rijeka, and later on the entire Croatian territory.

Fashion shows

Charity fashion show for Women's Day

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Magazine "Fashion špancir"
Review of the Renewable Energy Fair
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Journal "Energy of Evolution 2011"
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Appearance on "Le Petit Festival" in Dubrovnik 2011
- Exhibition in Museum of Marin Drzic 2011

Her collection consists of individual pieces that make up the unit theme, and yet each of them specific and unique.