Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2012 Dubrovnik Croatia


Bélaműhely was formed in 2007. Together with Tóbiás Terebessy and the Medence Csoport make our instruments (sounding objects) out of industrial trash, discarded objects, barrels, pipes, bicycle and computer parts, troughs, pans and paper boxes.

We are not trying to build perfect sounding instruments, for that purpose there are the real musical instruments. We try to take advantage on the imperfect sounds, those, that are surprising even for us. Our music can be described as eclectic.

We often use electronic-like bases (big beat, dubstep, drum and bass, jungle) in our own concert program, but authentic Turkish, Arabian and South-american rhythms also can be found in the structure of our music. We play hungarian, transylvanian, gipsy and jewish songs, we arrange the works of contemporary and classical hungarian literature pieces.
Our instruments
Bicycle drum: a spinning drum set made of bicycle wheels and parts. It is sounded with cello bow or bamboo sticks
Getthomarimbula: a kalimba/marimbula construction fixed on the top of a 200 liter oil barrel
Gigantocyplis: a drain grid saved from a waste dump, combined with an ancient brazilian instrument: the berimbao
Trough koto: from the fair of Feketetó (Transylvania), about 100 years old, we fixed tailpieces and strings on it
Bicycle handlebar tilinko: bicycle handlebar, tilinko (hungarian shepherd flute)
Paper dog: 120 X 40 X 40 corrugated paper box, with a bead filled 30 cm film box on the top
Giant cajon: a big wooden box with a piano string attached to one side Wooden dog: it’s not what you are thinking :)
Hangburgers: tongues carved into bottoms of tanks put together (tonguedrum)
Bikeofon: a metalophone made of bicycle cranks

The instruments are made by Tóbiás Terebessy (Medence Csoport), István Rimóczi and Bélaműhely.

Band Members
István Rimoczi
Merse Varga
Richárd Horváth
Bence Molnár
Dávid Krolikowski