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Strange Comedy
Strange Comedy
  Strange Comedy
  Jason McPherson & Shelly Mia Kastner

JUNE 1998

Jason was the lead clown of an American circus called "Cirque Ingenieux", in this circus there was a triple trapeze act with 3 trapeze girls. One day the little flyer trapeze artist Strange Comedygot injured and the other 2 trapezists flew to Montreal to urgently find a replacement for her. They auditioned some girls and ended up choosing me as the replacement. Within in a few weeks I was flown in to Atlanta, Georgia and got put in the show right away. Jason noticed me instantly and started talking to me every day noticing that I liked to laugh, so he told lots of funny jokes.

By the end of the contract we fell in love, where afterwards we both moved to San Francisco, where I performed in a small circus touring California and he continued performing his clown show in various different gigs.

Eventually I moved to Las vegas to be with Cirque du Soleil, and after some time Jason moved to Vegas with me. During that time jason was performing in festivals in Italy and a cabaret in Hawaii.

We ended up breaking up (because work kept us apart) for 3 yrs... but eventually Jason found me and said he would fly to any part of the world to have us back together again... of course I said... YES!

From that time on we decided never to be apart again and put all our work together to form the clown show we had always dreamed of performing.

We got married JUNE 2009
  Strange Comedy