Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2010 Dubrovnik Croatia
Anni Laakso
Sponsored by:
Helsingin kulttuurikeskus

RedNoseClub is a Finnish clown theatre group, founded in 2005. The group consists of 11 professional actors, and has mainly worked with the French master Philip Boulay. In our performances, anything can happen.

Tik-Tak: “We are maybe one or four clowns on stage.”

Secret: “We have made some plans, but we never know what is going to happen next.”

Tik-Tak: “Maybe nothing happens. Everything depends like of the contact. With the audience.”

Secret: “It is all about the unique thing of being present, and being yourself. It is not easy.”

Mike: “It is not easy” doesn’t sound good. Nobody wants to see something difficult. I think it is better to say that this clown thing is very nice to watch and everybody likes it!”

Foil: “Welcome! And leave your kids at home!”

Since April 2009 RedNoseClub has been working on Shakespeare´s Hamlet, performing in Teatteri Vantaa, in Q-teatteri and in various festival and theaters around Finland. In Summer 2010 we will travel to Croatia to Le Petit Festival du Theatre. We are also working on a new project to be performed in 2010.
RedNoseClub plays in English.

RedNoseClub is: Teemu Aromaa (Finn Spjöö), Marc Gassot (Foil), Eero Järvinen (Strömppö), Amira Khalifa (Secret), Riku Korhonen (Vincent), Nora Raikamo (Tik-Tak), Timo Ruuskanen (Zin), Tatu Siivonen (Joke the Behaviour), Niina Sillanpää (Hannibal), Tuukka Vasama (Mike).

Aija Salovaara, RNC producer