Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2010 Dubrovnik Croatia
Heidi Krohn
Bridge Markland
photo © Dirk Holtkamp Endemann
photo © Jenni Ramme
  Bridge Markland
  Bridge Markland, the Berlin born dance-theatre-cabaret-performance-artist, is a virtuoso of roleplay and transformation. A chameleon which throws herself into many extremes, but isn’t merely limited to one of them.

Bridge MarklandShe is an artist who effortlessly crosses all boundaries between sub- and high-culture, dance, theatre, cabaret, performance and erotic-art. Her speciality are transgender-performances in which the audience can experience the change of woman to man (or vice versa).

Other focuses are one woman shows with puppets and pop music of classic german plays, cabaret shows and ballroom dances with Jerry Jenkins & His Band of Angels, site specific dance and music improvisation with dancers and musicians “do I hear dance!”, biographic performances, poetry and a solo/duo show with saxophone player Nikola Lutz = of spectacular gender transformations, live saxophone music, audience interaction, dance in the audience, feeding of fruit to the audience, erotic texts.

Bridge Markland has 6 full evening solo shows, 18 short performances and several collaborations with other artists in repertoire, which she performs to great acclaim in Europe, USA and Australia.

2010 marks her 25 years stage anniversary!


In Dubrovnik she will perform 3 pieces:

Sweet Dreams
> „Sweet Dreams“ by the “Eurythmics” n a new and different light, you will not see bananas in the same way again. <

This charming lady will feed your guests with the most delicious erotic fruit!!!

(length about 6 – 20 minutes... last part feeding of bananas)

Sweet T.
> The funny transformation of fat old Karl from Berlin (in Germany), into a young and slim american Drag Queen <

Accompanied by ... Band Musicians ...

(length of piece about 7 – 8 minutes)

> Grotesque-Dance / Clown Performance <

Bridge Marklands „M.J.“. A classic piece of performative cross over. Expanding boundaries between clowning, physical theatre, grotesque dance and - the audience. Neither man nor woman, a goblin steps out of line and onto the audiences lap who have to help take off many layers of weird old clothing, to reveal a colourful clownish costume. Entertainment, mainstream and underground are living on stage and stage is everywhere. Nosferatu jerks in a pop staccato sticking it’s tongue out to all of us and what a tongue!

(length of piece about 6-7 minutes – can be extended... a bit)

“…a hermaphroditic creature between wild gnome and black ghost doing a scary ghost dance…” BERLINER ZEITUNG
”…Mary Wigman on acid…” METROPOLIS, Berlin
”..Valeska Gert for the disco aera…” TANZ AKTUELL

Photography © Dirk Holtkamp-Endemann
  Bridge Markland