Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
Requiem for Mozart
  Requiem for Mozart - a music travel through Mozart's Requiem

Requiem for MozartA group of musicians from Poland, inspired by this masterpiece of Mozart, are going to take the audience and themselves on a journey to eternity in music based on classical themes and free improvisation. The idea of the project is to combine classical instruments such as piano and clarinet with ethnic sounds (tibetan gongs, chinese guzang) and unusual instruments such as theremin - the only instument which can be played on without touching it.

The whole experiment is based on the melodies, composition and harmony of just one requiem of Mozart. Musicians who take part in it, have gathered specially to prepare this project for Le Petit Festival du Theatre. In Dubrovnik it will be the world premiere of the show.
  Requiem for Mozart
  Piotr Rachon - piano
Mateusz Rybicki - clarinet, bass clarinet
Michal Litwa Litwiniec - gongs, etnic sounds, theremin
Pawel Popko - visualisations