Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
  Nora Mojaš

Man... is probably nothing more than a fracture in the order of things

This sentence, taken from the essay “Foucault´s optic – the (in)vision of mortality and modernity” by John O´ Neil, seemed to me as an adequate introduction for the exhibition catalogue of young artist and designer from Dubrovnik, Nora Mojas.

While watching her fragmented pictures, I discover a lyrical and dreamy world of human existence, relative to the verge of its limits. These are fantastic compositions compiled by different human characters and everyday objects, pervaded by the dark warmth of sad backgrounds. They look as if they were contents of old books, intimate diaries or scrapbooks that Nora quotes, multiplies, combines and plays with. Their destinies are given new roles and meanings in one of her new scenarios.

With this exhibition the author gives us the opportunity to play with those meanings. Like a skillful magician or wizard, Nora handles computer tools to mix different ingredients, thus preparing strange and magical contents which flow before our eyes.

By her visual sensibility and expression, Nora belongs to the new generation of creators in the field of visual expression, to those who have switched classical painting tools to computer tools without hesitation, feeling that by using them, they can express their inland empire in the most precise and appropriate way.

Nora Mojaš