Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
  Program Maria Tecce
at Le Petit Festival du Théâtre


Seduction and passion reign supreme in a sultry night of performance charged with raw sensuality and elegance. Italian-American singer and performer Maria Tecce plays an exclusive one night only for Le Petit Festival, and her new show 'Viva!' seamlessly combines Argentinian and Spanish songs, Italian arietta, contemporary chanson, and jazz with the poetry of Spanish master poet of love Pablo Neruda. Musical influences include tango kings Astor Piazzola & Carlos Gardel, Tom Waites, Eartha Kitt, and Ella Fitzgerald. Swinging scat and sensual purr dance effortlessly with style and sophistication, promising an evening music and riveting performance from one of Europe's hottest jazz and cabaret artists.

www.mariatecce.com for full details and concert dates.
  Quotes from Reviews - Maria Tecce 

“Bostonian Maria Tecce is one of the highlights of Europe's smart and adventurous cabaret scene. Her cheekbones can slice a man's ego in half, her smile could thaw Siberia, and the way she might direct her finely sculpted eyebrows at you is only frightening.” – The Times

“A tour-de-force performance... Audrey Hepburn channeling Eartha Kitt.” – The Boston Herald

“... the vocal grace of a ballerina... Maria's voice soared even further on her Spanish repetoire, as if the linguistic border-crossing lends it a further velveteen layer in which to luxuriate. Sheer theatrical brilliance.” – The Times

"Wonderful talent! Superb ...I will be featuring more of Ms. Tecce in future programs!" Michael Parkinson, BBC Radio 2 " – Sunday Supplement"

“...this latest album ['Torch Song'] seamlessly combines standards, contemporary tunes, and the self-penned 'Someday'...Tecce takes on the torch singer's mantle with an unassuming, expressive power... Torch Song will surely bolster this gifted artist's burgeoning reputation.” – Peter Quinn, Jazzwise Magazine

“…Maria Tecce couldn’t do any more to evoke enduring elegance and insouciant patrician style.…her vocals move from vivacious scat to sensual purr with easily swinging jazz standards that exude effortless cool …” – Mick Heaney, The Irish Times

“If Audrey Hepburn ever learned how to sing, she might have become Maria Tecce.... Elegant ... cool ... seductive ... Kill for tickets in you have to.” – The Prague Post

“What sets this record shoulders above most of its competitors is Tecce's delivery, which manages to blend yearning and sex appeal with poignancy and professionalism.” – Tony Clayton-Lea, Cara magazine (Aerlingus in-flight magazine)

“Gershwin’s Oh, Lady be Good! is so firmly associated with Ella Fitzgerald that few singers nowadays have the nerve to attempt it. Tecce dares and wins, creating her own scat lines and carrying it off with considerable brio..... But, where Maria Tecce is concerned, there’s nothing like the live experience.” – Grainne Farren, The Independent

“Radiant.... every inch a star. This girl can make us laugh, smile, and then touch us deep inside with equal measure.... The woman makes being heartbroken look cool.”
– Paul Halpin, FTM

“The Boston-born Italian/Polish American cabaret artiste, Maria Tecce, delighted audiences at the Theatre Royal with her one-woman cabaret musical, 'Tonight: Lola Blau'... Maria's exceptional vocal range and ease of delivery stamped her class on a polished performance, greeted with a huge ovation at the end.” – Waterford News & Star

“…A truly amazing performance, Maria enthralled her audience with ease and bowled them over, truly mesmerised everyone with her velvety tones. Her album ‘All About Love’ is out now, but do one better if you can and see her perform live.” – Dublin Daily

“. . . Earnest, smoldering, and sensual. . . unselfconscious and affecting vocals . . . stellar music and beautiful singing. . . “ – The Independent

“Maria Tecce’s singing combines the intelligence of a musician with the beguiling power of a leading actress.” – The Sunday Tribune

“…All About Love showcases Maria’s remarkable voice…there’s also a masterful rendition of ‘I Love’s You, Porgy’ and ‘Love By You’…Tecce’s own composition, ‘This Love Is Through’, is the work of a talented songwriter.” – The Independent

“Musician, singer and actress Maria Tecce takes on the guises of the bruised, the brash, and the brittle...elegantly executed, (Maria) imperiously translates the songs into her own theatrical language. The reference points might be Ute Lemper, Judy Garland, and Ella Fitzgerald but the end result is totally Tecce.” – The Irish Times

“A stylish singer with a gift for getting the most out of the lyrics. . . intensely poignant. . . soulful, earthy, and full of yearning and heartbreak.” – The Sunday Independent
“Wow. And once you’ve read that, wow again. It is not often a wordsmith like myself is lost for something to say, but in the aftermath of a truly stunning performance by one Maria Tecce, I was both dumbstruck and spellbound.” – The Weekender

“. . . This was followed by the stunning voice of Maria Tecce, actor/composer/singer, who had the audience in the palm of her hand. There can be little doubt that when the gods look down and finally smile on Maria’s prodigious musical gifts the world. . is in for something very special indeed.” – Galway Advertiser

“One of the freshest, rich voices on the folk and blues scene...a sensual angel on stage.” – The Independent

“…Tecce is a woman who exudes charm and a real joie de vivre…’All About Love’ produces a musical experience that is bitter and delicious, romantic and obsessive, tender and turbulent…” – Galway Advertiser

“I’ve got to declare myself on this one. As far as I’m concerned Maria sings like an angel. My only complaint is that there’s only one track of hers on this CD.” – Irish critic Keith Barrett

“Next up on stage was the sultry jazz, blues, and cabaret singer Maria Tecce, whose version of the Spanish song ‘Besame Mucho’ stole the show.” – The Times

“…Maria Tecce was spellbinding.” – The Independent