Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
Special: A daily Workshop of Jose Sobrecases will be every day on Friday Aug 28 till Monday Aug 31 from 10.30 until 14.00 on the terrace of Marin Drzic Theatre in the old harbor.

ATELIER- workshop
The actual Theatre is marked by a renewal of the theatric act. In this blasting of forms and areas, in this questioning of the text, game and the place, the enlivened form, fixing things of genius or simple aspiration towards movement, gives birth to this actor of the peculiar acts. While it registers in classical techniques or in language of the raw material and the destitution of its gesture, the poupéee becomes quite other thing that a miserable property in the hands of this unusual actor.

Job on movement: the emotional force of the actor in front of the material and in the simplicity of gesture.

Elaboration of stage sequences and manufacture of simple puppets according to places and offered plans...

Maximum 20 persons
For all artists (actors, classical singers or others, dancers, painters, writers, poets…)
For all levels (beginners and/or experienced)
  Jose Sobrecases 

Jose Sobrecases debuted with LES ANNEES DE FORMATION au Conservatoire de Toulouse. He has chosen the profession of actor and he joined the Centre Dramatique National de Toulouse.

In 1984, it was the encounter with L’AUTRE THEATRE : L’OBJET ET LES FORMES ANIMEES. Refinement to masters in France and in Eastern Europe. He founded the "Théâtre du Fleuve". Aesthetic research which confronts the job of the actor with the world of objects and music.

Since 1988 Jose has created about fifteen shows in his home land and abroad.
He is also interested in education and teaching. It has brought the creation of the INTERSTUDIO. International Workshop for the training of the Actor – Puppeteer. Jose works as a professor in the National Conservatory of Toulouse and in the theatric Academy of St. Petersburg. He gives lectures,courses, workshops and other interventions in various organizations.

Monsieur Sobrecases was theater director (Blagnac Cahors). He has founded and directed the Festivals in France, South Americas and Asia.

Jose was called as an expert for UNESCO and the European Union. Currently leads "Les Nuits Composites", demonstrations of exchanges and of international creations nowadays.