Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
  About Folle Mente

FolleMente is principally composed by two actors-animators, Stefano Giomi and Margherita Cavalca. The company was born after the division of another company called "Rokula Purpura": with this company we've worked in many different festivals such as Mercantia (Certaldo), a street art festival; La Luna è Azzurra (S.Miniato), a festival of theatre of figures; the International Theatre of Figures Festival in Wels (Austria); Ibla Buskers Festival (Ragusa Ibla, Sicily)... and many others. Besides with this company we've worked for some shows with Claudio Cinelli.

At present our company FolleMente collaborates with "Teatrombria" by Grazia Bellucci. The FolleMente Company produces theatre of figure's shows for theatres and for the street. Our own shows are shows of theatre of figure but also comic-street cabaret and are very suitable for square's and street situations and for the direct contact with the audience. So... with time our shows are today a kind of cabaret-variety shows with puppets.

We took part in many Italian and European festivals presenting our shows.
Some of our participations: La Luna Azzurra (S.Miniato); Mercantia (Certaldo); Ottocentofestival (Saludecio); il Borgo Incantato (villa Borghese, Roma); Internationale Festival delle Figure Animate (Perugia); per le Antiche Strade (Carpineto romano); Buskersnight (Milano); Festival Mondial du Theatre de Marionettes (Charleville-Mezier, France), festival "Scendiamo in Piazza" Ravenna, Waves festival 2007 (Vordingborg, Denmark), Meeting artisti di strada di San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), festival Quartier Libre de Montreuil (Paris, France) and many others.
Besides this we've presented our shows in various other settings such as squares, theatres, gardens, tents, tavernes... everywhere!

The style of our shows is born from the desire to twist and to distort classical technics and traditional roles. You can find puppets that act like very actors, strange creatures that sig the love, theatralic text told with surrealistic ways, paranoia emotions between the puppet and its creator... for to create a game of sentiments, dreams, irony, humor, evocative power, reflection and POETRY.

Compagnia Folle Mente