Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
  Circo Poeira / Dust Circus

The Dust Circus is a spectacle that mixes the language of circus, theater and puppet. In a poetic and entertaining way the play tells the history of the circus through the memories of an "old master". This character is the narrator of the story and reminds the climax of his circus doing emerge from the bottom of his memory the numbers that make the show. The public delights  the lightness of the elephants and dexterity of his acrobats. Enjoy themselves with the awkward Chinese equilibrist. Enchant themselves with the beautiful dancer. The spectators laughs with the craziness of the juggler and the vicissitudes of the pirofagist capoeirista. And to end of the show, the old artist provides a tribute to the respectable public. Well, what would be the circus without the public? 

The show was designed by Caio Stolai and Beto Lima. Caio Stolai is also the interpreter. The soundtrack also idealized by Caio Stolai is original and delicate. During the 50-minute presentation the public is invited to travel to the intimate and nostalgic universe of the "Old Master". The play guarantees entertainment to thrill all ages.

Dust Circus Synopsis

The Dust Circus is under the cloth of the Old Master memories. The Clown manipulator is in the scene while the public accommodates themselves. He announces with a look that the show will begin. He goes to the puppet "Old Master" and gives life to the character. Then the old master recognizes his circus and thus begins to relive his memories.

The "Old Master" asks the manipulator to set up the Circus for him. After that, between the seven heads of the “puppet audience”, is the presenter head that was "cuted" by the New Circus. The presenter announces the first attraction and thus begins the first of the numbers, the volte with horses that initiated the Riding Arena Round.

Then, the "Old Master" goes to China reminding his friend Ching Ling, the awkward  equilibrist. After goes to India and revives the number of pyramids with elephants. Find the crazy juggler that throws three balls and after throws  three knifes with blindfolded.
The old master remind his friend, artist of the streets, the Fire capoeirista, who worked in the  Dust Circus in its golden age, showing great skills with the body.

The thrill of the "Old Master" is evident when he reviews the Bailarina dancing to him showing her love. In a moment of reflection, facing the audience puppet, character... without which no spectacle in the world ever happen...", the "Old Master" recognizes the value of the public in his life as an artist. He goes to the “real” audience and declares his love to the Circus - "your life" - up to the end of memory and the spectacle.

”Dust Circus”


Design: Dust Circus
Director: Dust Circus
Interpretation: Caio Stolai
Soundtrack Dust Circus
Lighting: Dust Circus