Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2009
  Andrea Lamana

Dancer, designer and researcher, born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She studied
with local and foreign teachers to deepen and expand its training workshops
and seminars: Adriana Belbussi (Uruguay), Graciela Figueroa (Uruguay),
Nienke Reedhorst (Netherlands), Alexis Eupierre (Spain), Martin Keogh
(USA), David Zambrano (Venezuela-USA) and Plassard Denis, French director
and choreographer, director and creator of the "Montevideo by 4", who danced
professionally in Uruguay, Brazil and France as a performer and dancer of
the project.

Founder and director of Jexe! Space for the development of dance and the
performing arts...

Currently working on the creation of "Fragile" (contemporary dance solo) and
as a performer and dancer in the play "Green Tattoo Heart" duet with actress
scenic Gimena Fajardo led by Sofia Etcheverría.
In other arts, Lamana has shared the stage at various shows with artists
such as Leo Masliah, Ruben Rada and Nicolas Arniches. Her teaching career
began in 1999-enabling, giving classes and workshops at Festivals nationally and internationally. She teaches dance and training Jexe! deepen its work on the floor and release technique. Is teaching at the Institute of Action Montevideo. Supplementing her training with studies in the martial arts discipline of Aikido.
Andrea Lamana-Fragil (8.44 Mb)