Dubrovnik Le Petit Festival du Theatre 2008
  About Susie Asado

Susie Asado is the poet and songwriter Josepha Conrad. She grew up in Frankfurt am Main and in Chicago and naturally geographic challenges and a life between countries are her main subjects. "Hello Antenna" is the title of her solo-debut album released on the German independent label Lolila in April of 2008. These songs are about borders and crossing them, about falling in love with border patrol and with countries and that is more than one country. They are about the construction of home and the relationship to fictional characters and books. In many ways Susie Asado is a dialog with the writings of Gertrude Stein. You might know Josepha's strange wordy songs from Crazy for Jane, the band that she has with her brother Philipp. You might have seen her in Uli M Schueppel's film "Berlin Song". You might have run into her along the Landwehrkanal in Berlin where she currently lives.

Photos by Anja Conrad
  Susie Asado